Bread Rolls, that happen to be gluten, dairy and sugar free


Up until last week I hadn’t had any success with baking gluten free bread. I tried a few times but the results were dire. And the store bought stuff I tried was so dense it may as well have been a bread brick.

But we went to India for a wedding and, much to my surprise, they served me excellent gluten free bread with my eggs in the mornings. So with the knowledge that it was indeed possible to make good gluten free bread I set out to try again.

I went back to this recipe from the Gluten Free Girl, but this time did two things differently. One, I did not use that chick pea flour I’ve had kicking around but hate the taste of. I don’t know why I thought the taste would change in the bread. It doesn’t. That flour went in the bin. I used only flours I know I like. And two, I followed the recipe, well as much as possible, I only made a few flour substitutions and Shauna said that was ok to do.

And the bread is fantastic! Amazingly good. A little more dense than wheat bread but not horribly so, and a lovely taste and texture. I made it again this last Saturday and look forward to this becoming a Saturday routine. Thank you gluten free girl and the chef.

I won’t give you the whole recipe here as Shauna does a great job describing it in her post. But I will give you my whole grain flour blend.

100g oat flour
85g corn (maize) flour
100g millet flour
185g brown rice four
100g ground almonds
(I skip the milk power because I’m dairy free.)

This makes great rolls but I also tried a very small loaf tin and it came out brilliantly. Sometimes it’s nice to have less crust. And it makes very cute grilled cheese for my toddler. This weekend I’m looking forward to trying to make a larger loaf.



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